Junk2Jazz: Artistically repurposed clothing, art, and collectibles in Elkhart, IN

About Us

"One man's junk is another man's treasure"

If nothing else, junk2jazz is a statement. I find there is often surprising beauty in discarded items. Discovering or refining that beauty is my passion and inspiration. This is my fun go-to place. 

I am not exclusive to one medium. The discard, whether furniture, clothing, or come collectible, seems to dictate its own course for renewal. Then, by pulling together colors, textures, and purpose, a whimsical design emerges. The viewer is invited into a world where discards are welcomed and rehabilitated, and loved. 

For me, junk rehab is both an art and a philosophy. Each piece is designed to inspire others to look more carefully at the world. Beauty and renewed purpose can often be found in unusual places

If you're looking for clothing, art, or unique collectibles in or near Elkhart, Indiana, please give us a call.

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